Saturday, November 1, 2014

More web services

In the last weeks and months, with help of my students at the university, I developed some more web services for use with CDISC standards, especially for use with SDTM and CDISC controlled terminology. Almost all of these have been implemented in the "Smart Dataset-XML Viewer".
I got very enthusiastic reactions about these web services, especially during a demo for CDISC officials, for the Japanes CDISC User Group (CJUG) and yesterday during a "Dataset-XML CDISC Training" in Copenhagen, Denmark. As I could also nicely test the services during the last weeks, and found no major issues, I decided today to make the specification of these web services publicly available. You can find them at:

These are all RESTful web services, so extremely easy to implement in your own applications, and as RESTful services are based on HTTP, you can even test them in a browser.

Suggestions for new services and for improvements are as always very welcome. Please just contact me at

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